The Legal Aid Agency allows TAHMINA & Co Solicitors to offer legal advice, assistance and Magistrates Court representation to clients who meet the interests of justice eligibility and financial means tests.

The interests of justice test is based on the details of the allegation itself and whether you require expert assistance to present your defence in court or to mitigate after a guilty plea.

Your financial means are tested in relation to the following categories:

In the Crown Court, everyone is entitled to legal aid, though depending on your current means, you may be required to pay a monthly contribution towards your legal advice and assistance. 

If you require further information and support with what is required for your Legal Aid application, we will of course advise you of this when you contact us for your initial consultation.

Kindly visit our 'Contact Us' page for details on how to get in touch, or fill in the query form on the right-hand side of the page if you require assistance with Legal Aid.

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