It does not matter what offences you have been charged with and whether we represented you at the police station or not, TAHMINA & Co will be pleased to act for you at the Magistrates Court where your case will begin.

We understand that the process of a court case can be complicated and we will assist you until the end with all matters involved. TAHMINA & Co will review the prosecution case against you, cutting through the evidence to identify the crucial issues and give our full attention to preparing your case. We will spend plenty of time  with you in taking your instructions and advise you as to the correct way to proceed with matters, in both cases of guilty pleas and not guilty pleas.


TAHMINA & Co understand that everyone deserves a second chance and that some people would rather accept that they have done wrong. If you do wish to plead guilty, we will mitigate on your behalf to ensure that you receive the best sentence.

Alternatively, you may have not committed the offence that is alleged or you may have a defence. At TAHMINA & Co we are no strangers to difficult or challenging cases and we will give 100% when advising you and putting across your defence in court. We will help to ensure that you receive a fair and honest trial to give you the best opportunity.